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What do we do?

What the Boats of Hope can offer your community.

Canal Ministries' boat Sola Gratia.

Our team members are willing to visit schools, churches and workplaces as required. We give talks and interactive presentations to small or large groups. The time can be tailored to suit your requirements from a short introduction to a full length meeting, including slides and video.

School Assemblies

A short presentation in conjunction with your normal assembly or collective worship.

Interactive Presentations

A longer presentation, which can include audio visual aids, involving the pupils in discussion and Q&A, about the history of the canals, life aboard a narrowboat, and the work of Canal Ministries.

Arranged Boat Tours & Trips

Come to the canal and visit the boats. Have interactive guided tours through four very different narrowboats, one of which is an historic former working boat now set up as a museum. There may also the opportunity for a short cruise on one of our trip boats.

Subjects we cover include:

Our aim is to bring to life some of the story of the waterway that plays a significant rĂ´le in the history and development of the towns through which it flows. In doing this, we share our faith and beliefs, explaining some of the work of the Canal Ministries team.

We know budgets are stretched, so you will be pleased to know we do not make a charge! However, if you wish to make a donation towards our costs (and this is by no means expected), then we would be very grateful.


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